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Entrance Door, Christ Church, Tolladine, Worcester. 

Designed, made and installed by Guy Martyr; material, local oak felled in storm; completed July 2005

Garden Stairs, 2006

Side Table, 2005

Oak Platters, 2005

Manual lathe, 2007: made by Guy Martyr to turn the spiral columns on the work 'Madonna' 

Large Studio Table 

Information Holder, 2013

Examples of woodwork/joinery by Guy Martyr: the artist regards these as sitting very readily beside the artistic oeuvre presented in this web site.

Dining Chair, c 2000; painted pine - one of a set of four


Bed, 2014; pine

Lavatory Seat, 2008; pine, mahogany

Display cabinet, 2015.jpg

Display Cabinet, 2015; oak, mahogany, glazing

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