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A Statement by the Artist, 2013

A statement by the artist 2013

What is my art about?                                                       


An art object is a thing in its own right. An art object is an achievement; an end in itself. A work of art need not refer to anything but itself, but will tend to speak of the manner of its coming into being and will likely suggest worldly apparition. An art object need not be all-encompassing: it might constitute as much as one leaf in the woods.

More Specific:

I am moved to investigate certain phenomena, amongst which: integration of different patterns; machine vs hand-making, as a measure of human-kind; spirals; the dreaminess of clouds; spectrum colours as an idea of completeness; colouring, as beautiful result, as meaning enough; beauty or worth in discarded items, notably offcuts from my woodwork; the art in the everyday, notably joinery; making canvasses from the ground up – making the stretchers starting with sawn timber, cutting traditional joints, stretching, sizing and priming the canvas, using or adapting traditional recipes of pigment, filler, oil, resin, egg, wax, to give my paintings an integrated, object quality - these works are traditional and avowedly contemporary; investigating vitality in imagery involving random actions; attempting to address current events through art; calm; simple means'.

So what?

My work provides an example of what can be done, of what has come out of my life: vicariously attractive perhaps, even beautiful, intriguing, sometimes colourful, but hesitating before offering great revelation or insight. The true value of each piece is its mere existence. I accept that aspects of my moral make-up and my time/place identity may well show in my works of art, as will the facts of their manufacture, to represent something of these traditions, while presenting inescapable associations of real events and eternal truths.

'Staples' 2013; staples on primed plywood; 6 x 6.25 inches

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