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Art - Consciousness Anti-Consciousness,

'Consciousness Anti-Consciousness' 2002; wood, oil paint, incised letters with pigmented wax in-fill; 9 x 16 inches

'Disaster Sorrow' 2001; wood, gesso; 16.5 x 9.5 inches

                                            In response to 9/11

'All My Children' 2004; wood, gesso; 16 x 9 inches

                                      In response to Beslan

In this series, the letters are carved into the frame. In the works which include gesso, the letters are in-filled with gesso, and planed to a finish flush with the frame surface.


NB the three works illustrated in response to world events may be obtained only by application to the artist, not for financial exchange.  

'Insula Dulce Somniorum' May 2012; wood, gesso, enamel; 18.5 x 11 x 0.75 inches

                                                     In response to Utoeya

'Behind Bars' 2006; wood, gesso; 12 x 16 inches

'Virgin Prostitute' 2006; wood, gesso; 12 x 16 inches

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